Dont Know  Which  Autel   Diagnostic Tool To Buy?
One call with me, and you’ll discover:
  • How choosing Autel scan tool strategy you need to stay on top in today’s collision , locksmith, and automotive industry.
  • How purchasing the RIGHT Autel scanner ( the first time) can save you a fortune in labor and outsourced tasks.
  • Why 2022 is the year to transition to coding, programming and ADAS calibration… or get left behind! 
You can’t afford NOT to have this intel.
My Process
Book A Consult
Select A Tool
Receive the Tool & Client Support
My Process
Book A Consult
Select A Tool
Receive the Tool & Client Support

            Maxisys Elite

Life in the automotive industry used to be pretty predictable. 

The vast majority of the work was mechanical… and when diagnostics were needed, a cheap obd2 scanner the could give you basic live data and only do oil resets. Pretty much anything that wasn’t obvious by just looking and listening to the car. 

But, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, things have changed a bit. 

Today, cars and trucks are less like machines and more like mobile super computers. And with each new model year comes new features that require - you got it - new diagnostic capabilities.
Not only that… but today, 
diagnosis is just a small 
part of the battle!
There’s a reason why dealerships can sell brand-new cars at such tight margins - they know that when, onboard computer systems need “retraining” or calibration, they’ll pay for a dealer “specialist” to do it for hundreds per hour.
For example, when a car’s Advanced Driver Assist sensors need calibrated, they know you don’t have the tools or knowledge for that… so they’re more than happy to come out and do it for you - for $400 or more!
Wouldn’t you rather keep that money in your pocket?
Curtis was helpful in choosing the best tool for my needs. Ordering was easy and shipping, fast. His cooperation in setting up the tool and accessibility in answering questions really sets him apart. The value in a live consultant is what you get when buying from Curtis. Super helpful!

Joe Roberts
Having the right Autel Maxisys scanner (and the knowledge to use it) makes all the difference.
There’s a BIG shift that’s happening in the auto collision industry today. 

The shops and professionals that will thrive in this shift are the ones that invest in the tools, training, and ongoing tech support to properly diagnose and service customers’ vehicles with MINIMAL: 
  • ​Outsourcing tasks to dealerships or third-party “specialists”
  • ​Time wasted trying to pinpoint problems manually
  • ​Frustration with learning how to use the tools
  • ​Ongoing expense to keep up with future diagnostic challenges
The ones who cling to the outdated “mechanic” mentality, of course, will eventually become relics, like attendants who pump your gas or ashtrays in car doors. 
You’re here because you want to be among those who thrive. 
And I’d like to help.
Curtis Hardin has gone above and beyond in his customer satisfaction before and after the sell. His level of knowledge and expertise is very helpful and profitable for my business. In 25 plus years of buying tools. I have never had such a great experience. His products and support is worth every penny and more. My only complaint is I didn't find him sooner.

David Krause,- Platinum Programming and Diagnostics
Schedule your time to talk, 
and we’ll get you clear 
on which Autel diagnostic tool is right for you!
Listen, I know you’ve seen this shift coming, and you’ve decided to get on top of it before you get run over. 

Good choice. I have more than 12 years of experience in the automotive diagnostic industry - I’ve helped more than 400 automotive collision and repair shop owners position themselves ahead of their competitors.

Having (and possessing mastery of) the right Autel Maxisys diagnostic tools for their needs lets you:
  • ​Communicate expertise and a commitment to excellence
  • ​Cultivate trust (RARE - most consumers distrust auto shops!)
  • ​Save money on tasks by retaining them in-house
  • ​Empower techs to make informed decisions
  • ​Reduce or eliminate errors that lead to repeat repairs and lost profits
  • ​Continue to offer exceptional service as new model years are released
  • ​Get GLOWING reviews that drive more business to you (after all, everybody loves a job well done). 
But there are SO many scan tools out there at SO many different price ranges.
Without a seasoned veteran to guide you, you could end up skimping out on features you really need… or paying a fortune for features you don’t. 

Consider our one-on-one talk as a way to make sure you make the right choice… the first time. 
You can’t afford NOT to have this intel.
Curtis Hardin & Autel. What more can I say but EXCELLENCE! #1. Just recently purchased the Maxysis Elite scanner. Have used various manufactures scanners during my 40 plus years in the automotive industry & this was my best buying experience ever. From the start Curtis took the time to answer all questions during & after the buying process & has delivered what he has promised. Curtis also shows you as much you need & more so you understand how to use the tool. It doesn't stop there I am a client for life. Thank you Curtis.

George Stack
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